100% Baby Alpaca Men’S Fair Trade Poncho Jumper Wool Cloak Cape Jacket Brown


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Beautiful, soft 100% Baby Alpaca wool Poncho was hand crafted by a Bolivian artisan for ‘s unique label.

Baby alpaca is the first shearing when they’re 6-9 months old, and is considered softer and more luxurious than cashmere.

Alpaca clothes are known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft; what is often forgotten is that alpaca clothing is durable, comfortable, and adaptable to every season.

These were made by our traditional artisanal dressmaker in Bolivia whose designs reflect her ansestral tribal craft techniques and is of a very high standard.

We we have worked with her in La Paz for many years and have built up an ethical business relationship.

We consider her to produce some of the best alpaca sweaters, alpaca ponchos and alpaca scarves in the world.

We made a small batch run of a total of 5 of these bespoke ponchos in a few different colours.

At the time of writing this advert there are only two of these ponchos in black in existence.

Although we do hope to make a few more very small batch runs of these in future.


44 inches wide x 37 inches long (112cm x 94cm)


Hand Wash or Dry

Use Mild Detergent

Do not Bleach

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