Ethical Tribal Hmong Intricate Handmade Bumbag Waist Purse Bag Hippy Festival


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This is an exquisite one-off, unique and original hand made waist bag belt.

We have 4 of these, each different, made by the Hmong Tribe in north Thailand, where I selected as they were being made by the women who had come down from the mountains to sell their beautiful wares.

The detail in the embroidery is incredible, and utterly gorgeous.

In deep red, adorned with bells, coins and beads, these waist purses have a largehidden zip pouch accessed from the back.

The waist band is further decorated with inricate embroidery and beads, and wraps around the waist to tie at the side.

The bags fit one size (36″up to 64″ to rest upon the waist or hips depending where you like the bag to sit)

Main pouch size 19.5cm x 26cm

I only have 4 of these pieces so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The price is indicative of the high price paid for the detailed work which has went into each piece.

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