Fair Trade Handmade Recycled Lokta Paper A4 30Gsm 30 Sheets


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A4 size Lokta sheets – It can be used for personalised stationary or art work. Make an impression with this distinct most eco-friendly handmade paper. Lokta paper known also as Nepali paper is made from the Lokta bush or Daphne bush, botanically known as Daphne bhoula or Daphne papyracea. The bush grows in the Himalayan mountainous region at 6,500 to 10,000 feet. The “Lokta Bush” has characteristics of re-growing again and again after pruning. Thus it is considered as the most eco-friendly paper. The remarkably strong fibers give it durability and a soft, luscious feel. It can be preserved for very long period of time. This long fibrous handmade paper is prized for its attractive texture, its durability, strength and its resistance to germs and insects. Lokta paper is the Nepalese national paper and continues to be used for the preparation of legal documents, land registry forms and manuscripts, for which it’s excellent durability over many years is a fundamental requirement.

Size: A4 Quantity: 30 sheet pad30 sheet pad

A4 sheets of handmade natural paper from the Lokta bush
Made in Nepal

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