Icelandic Lava Stone Jewellery Handmade Positive Energy Unisex Volcano Bracelet icelandic


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These bracelets were hand selected on a visit to Iceland and are hand-made from a designer based in Reykjavik. They are made from beads hewn from the lava fields in Southern Iceland. They are beautifully crafted. Lava Stone is renowned as a crystal with very powerful energy and has been used throughout history as an elemental protection amulet. The Viking are said to have used them going into battle along with the Viking Compass symbol they would wear in their forehead. Lava stone is also known to be a grounding stone to help us reconnect to Mother Earth and elemental fire. Its also useful in the reduction of anger and general negative forces. Plus lava beads look amazing and each one is a different structure caused by the bubbling of the lava. One size fits all. Bead size is 1cm approx diameter. Please choose from the designs listed and be aware that there will be small differences as each bead is different but the basic design and colour scheme are the same.

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