“I Bought This Cheaper When I was In Vietnam”

We sometimes get messages from buyers stating this or similar questions. I thought it might be a good idea to explain the costs involved in sourcing and sending a product. We pay fair trade prices. We shop around to get an idea of the value of an item taking into acocunt the cost of materials, […]

Choosing the perfect Panama Hat

We went to Ecuador to find the perfect Panama Hat so you don’t have to. We scoured Cuenca and the famous Montechristi to source quality panama hats for you to enjoy. A genuine Panama hat is hand-woven and is made from toquilla straw with the process of making one being long-drawn and taking months to […]

The Art of Leather Tanning at the Marrakesh Tanneries

In Marrakesh, the traditional process for tanning leather is such a unique and interesting interesting sight, to behold men treading and rinsing skins in mysterious liquids and dyes and then stretching the hides using traditional techniques. Step 1 – Iferd During the traditional process of tanning leather in Marrakesh, the skins are soaked to soften […]

How to erect a Vietnamese Silk Lantern

One of our most popular products! The wonderful Vietnamese silk lantern. We source these from our maker in Hoi An in Vietnam and they provide a fantastic oriental look to your room. Heres how to put them like a pro. It’s easy! Watch this video…. How-to: Turn your lantern into a lamp The lantern is […]

In search of the perfect handpan

The handpan is a new melodic percussive instrument invented less than 20 years ago.  It was invented in Bern, Switzerland and consists of 2 curved shells of steel, glued together and painstakingly tuned into a musical scale. Unlike the steel drum, the handpan is played by hand. Each note that is struck activates several overtones, […]

Guide to the Andaman Islands

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are an archipelago of around 300 mostly uninhabited islands in the Bay of Bengal, famous for their powder white sands, mangroves, lush rainforest and pristine coral reefs. Although geographically closer to Myanmar these islands are part of the Territory of India, with the exception of a few in the North, […]

ICELAND: Making the worlds 4th most expensive country affordable

My family and I recently travelled to Iceland for a 2 week break and for me to source our new products.  It’s well known that Iceland is one of the most expensive places in the world to visit but is it possible to make it more affordable?  The answer is yes.  Follow some of the […]

Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia (Orangutan Village)

So I bid farewell to my travel buddy after sharing some final beers at ‘5 Barrels’, one of the few remaining half decent pubs in the tourist hell-hole that is Kuta, Bali. We were sorely tempted to toast the holiday with an 18 year old Macallan spotted perched upon the top shelf, shining down upon […]

The Art of Block Printing in Sanganar & Jaipur, Rajesthan, India

Terrapin Trading is always keen to keep traditional crafts alive and so while on another Indian opus looking for new products I learned of the famous block printing traditions in Rajesthan. Basing myself in the Pink City in Jaipur and explored its labyrinthine streets, heaving with talented craftsmen making everything from you can imagine. During […]

Gili Isles: Travel Tips & Survival Guide

The Gili Isles consist of 3 beautiful coral islands splashing a slice of paradise off the north coast of Lombok, now easily accessible by fast-boat from Bali, Indonesia’s gateway for tourism. These once very peaceful and idyllic islands are now the location for Indonesia’s liveliest and hottest party scene. Gili Trawangan is the largest of […]