The Jew’s Harp

Origin of The Jew’s Harp: The Jew’s harp is a subtle musical instrument with an extraordinary variety of shapes, sizes and methods of playing. They are made extensively throughout the world from Polynesia, Asia, and Eastern Russia to Europe and the United States. They are known in the Middle East and Africa, though these were […]

South East Asian Mancala: Congkak / Sungka

The South East Asian games of Mancala, often called Jogklak in Indonesia, Congkak in Malaysia and Brunei, or Sungka in the Philippines are variations of the same game but with widely differing rules and number of holes. There are also variations of the same game to be found throughout India, Sri Lanka and parts of […]

Choosing the perfect Panama Hat

We went to Ecuador to find the perfect Panama Hat so you don’t have to. We scoured Cuenca and the famous Montechristi to source quality panama hats for you to enjoy. A genuine Panama hat is hand-woven and is made from toquilla straw with the process of making one being long-drawn and taking months to […]

The Art of Leather Tanning at the Marrakesh Tanneries

In Marrakesh, the traditional process for tanning leather is such a unique and interesting interesting sight, to behold men treading and rinsing skins in mysterious liquids and dyes and then stretching the hides using traditional techniques. Step 1 – Iferd During the traditional process of tanning leather in Marrakesh, the skins are soaked to soften […]

Flute of the Andes: Quena

We visited La Paz, in Bolivia some ten years ago, and spent hours getting lost meandering the colourful mercados, mesmerized by the macabre and weird findings of the witches market and the rainbow of bright colours and soft fabrics in the Mercado De Las Brujas …in search of some ethnic Andean cultural ware. We were […]

The Nepalese Game of Bagh Chal

Bagh Chal is a traditional game originated in Indian sub-continent; nowadays is still a popular game, at least in Nepal. It´s one of the more interesting hunting games (those games played between unequal forces with different goals, where pieces use to symbolize animals). Bagh in Nepali means tiger, and chal means move, hence you could translate it as the Tiger Moving Game or Move the Tigers. […]

The Art of Carrom

Carrom or Karom is a game which has its roots in India and South East Asia but the game has become increasingly popular throughout much of the rest of the world during the last century. There are many variations in the rules even though there is now an international regulatory body – even this has […]

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Worry dolls (also called trouble dolls; in Spanish, Muñeca quitapena) are small, hand-made dolls that originate from Guatemala. According to legend, Guatemalan children tell their worries to the Worry Dolls, placing them under their pillow when they go to bed at night. By morning the dolls have gifted them with the wisdom and knowledge to eliminate […]

How to erect a Vietnamese Silk Lantern

One of our most popular products! The wonderful Vietnamese silk lantern. We source these from our maker in Hoi An in Vietnam and they provide a fantastic oriental look to your room. Heres how to put them like a pro. It’s easy! Watch this video…. How-to: Turn your lantern into a lamp The lantern is […]

In search of the perfect handpan

The handpan is a new melodic percussive instrument invented less than 20 years ago.  It was invented in Bern, Switzerland and consists of 2 curved shells of steel, glued together and painstakingly tuned into a musical scale. Unlike the steel drum, the handpan is played by hand. Each note that is struck activates several overtones, […]