Handcrafted Woodcrafted – We have so many wooden crafted items that we decided to make a section for it.  There is great variety to be found!

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Ethical Hand Carved Balinese Wooden Itchy Back Scratcher massager mobility aid


Mask Timorese West Timor & Stand


Timor Mask Atoni Paddle Mask inc Stand


Wood Knobkerrie Africa Traditional Walking Stick SLIGHT DAMAGE


Wooden Knobkerrie Walking Stick SLIGHTDAMAGE


Genuine Balinese Indonesian Bamboo Wind Chimes 40cm windchime wooden


Genuine Balinese Indonesian Bamboo Wind Chimes 30cm windchime wooden


Fair Trade Hand Carved And Painted Balinese Wooden Back Scratcher 44Cm Massager


Indonesian Balsam Wooden Totem Wood Carving Ornaments 15-30cm


1 x Fair Trade African Ugandan Uganda Wooden Goatskin Djembe Drum 20x15cm


Chieftain Statue 50cm Replica Native American


Oriental Wood Carving – Fair Trade Rare Giant Vietnamese Bamboo Root Carved Lucky Heads